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Check out the new single and get acquainted with RNLfication. Click to get a copy of his new single 'Sun Shower' Ft. Tim Hicks. Click the link in our bio but who is RNL?

Rnlification is more than an entity. It's the theory of overcoming your limits. Breaking your perception of limitations through living out your experiences and choices that you go through. Making the best out of any situation regardless of the circumstances it's more than music it's a lifestyle.

Where Can Fans Find You?

You can find me right now At CON417 studios and building with the Cabal Corps.

What's Next?

Continued growth in life and happiness................

Next project BlacMav and RNL ( MacMav Sessions )

The UnOwn and RNL (untitled)

Tek na lo G and RNL ( Untitled)

Ardamus and RNL ( Unititled )

A slew of one offs and guest appearances!


Stay Connected:

Twitter: @r_n_l

Instagram: @renell_mc


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