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ADST Media represents the pulse of hip hop in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. We are a multi-media entertainment company that represents various artists.  The company was formed in effort to help independent artist expand their reach, and monetization of their projects/products. Looking at today's landscape of music and how it is marketed and consumed, there is a great need to assist artist. Releasing music with the hopes of it becoming a hit and/or viral is virtually impossible.

We sit and develop a roll out of your product specifically as it relates to social media with growth of audience but also visibility to help gain traction. We work with blogs/websites/internet radio/podcast as well with placing your music and also obtaining interviews.
Our plan is to continue and grow your project through the use of various tools and practices to help your success and continued independence. There is No "I" in team. This is why we are vested in your success. 

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