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Check out the new single and get acquainted with DJ Shane. His new single 'Thankful' Ft. Thankful” featuring Yusha Assad and Alfred Duncan with production by DJ Pain.

But who is DJ Shane?

DJ Shane is on of the DMV's premier Event DJs. He has also made his mark in the Podcast game as part of the "The Root Cause Podcast" @the_rootcause2. In 2014,  as part of the group Immobiliare, DJ Shane released the album “We Are Greatness”. In 2019, DJ Shane released two singles “Say Yeah” featuring Aye Ross & Dom-o and “Something New” featuring Tone-P, Novacane, Aye Ross and Dom-o. As DJ Shane preps the release of his latest music project, he is releasing the single “Thankful” featuring Yusha Assad and Alfred Duncan.  “Thankful” brings together three unique artists of the DMV telling their perspectives on being Thankful. This song reminds us all that we may experience ups and downs, but it is important to remain Thankful! DJ Shane continues to leave his legacy in the music and entertainment industry and paving the way for the next generation of artist and DJs.  

Where can fans find you?

DJ Shane can be found on all Platforms Itunes, Tidal, Spotify, Bandcamp (, FB (DJShane Anderson), IG (Djshane202), Soundcloud (

What's next?

Continuing to open the door for artist. Collaborating with artist continuing to make timeless and innovative music. Upcoming album "Hustle & Motivate" coming early 2021.

Click below to purchase single:


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