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LISTEN: D.C. Artist Priest Da Nomad Tackles #DontMuteDC Movement in New Single

Date: June 13, 2019

Source: WPGC

Author: Scott Gelman

The #DontMuteDC movement prompted locals to emphasize the significance of go-go music and politicians to take action. Now, a Prince George’s county artist crafted a song about it.

In a new hit called “Can’t Lose the Soul,” Priest Da Nomad sings about the impact gentrification is having on some of the District’s neighborhoods.

“In a surge of paper thin condos, pop up breweries, pretentious bars and coffee shops, there seems to be a systemic plan to replace the history and culture of African Americans in the Nation’s Capitol, without a trace,” the song’s YouTube description says.

The music video was filmed near U Street and makes the point to “all new comers to DC that Chocolate City will not be erased!”


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