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Dior Ashley Brown Lets You Know Her 'Vernacular'


“Vernacular” is about standing in your power. Being aware of all that’s happening, and possibly influencing, and making a decision to stand for something, for yourself. As a girl, I was listening to Biggie and 2pac, and inspired by their strength and power, I wanted to create music that speaks up for people of marginalized groups, like me, a black woman…We’re all dealing with this jungle, navigating a political and social world that constantly encroaches on our right to live our own truth, that’s why I love the line in verse two “I’m just skating/do my derby/watch these cameras all pervert me/ won’t respect my name and dirt me/ But i WOKE up early/even when I’m F#@kin late” That’s me, every day, bobbing and weaving through what the world throws at me. I’m nimble. I’m powerful, and I won’t be denied.


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