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DJ Nate Geezie

Indiana born...DMV Resident...Nate Geezie has always had an addiction to music.

"I'm a hoarder…. Nate says. "Anyone who has ever helped me move is sorry that they did."

DJ Nate Geezie has been DJing since 1998 when he purchased his first set of turntables. In the years that would follow, Nate would find himself hosting his own campus radio show, DJing events and parties throughout the state of Indiana and rapidly increasing his music collection.

After college, he would move to the east coast, where he landed a job working at XM Satellite Radio for 5 years. His passion for music grew and he began to DJ parties and events throughout the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. DJ Nate Geezie has DJed at popular DC spots such as Marvin, Songbyrd Cafe, Little Miss Whiskey's and the Fenton Street Market in the Silver Spring Downtown Plaza. In his nearly 20 year of DJing, Nate has extensive experience playing many diverse styles of music for many groups of people of all ages.

Whether you call him Nate....Nate Gee or Nate Geezie you can always call him to provide the tunes for your event!

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