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Priest Da Nomad releases The Manhood Project

January 1, 2020

Artist: Priest Da Nomad

Genre: Hip Hop, Rap

Location: Washington, D.C.

Album: The Manhood Project

For immediate release:

Priest Da Nomad is one of the most soulful and insightful MCs out of Washington DC across generations! His new album, “The Manhood Project” dives into the challenges of growing up from a black boy to a black man in America. From observing fellow comrades get trapped in the “school to prison pipeline” to systemic attacks on black male masculinity, Priest effortlessly glides over topics to soulful and sonically superior production, in a non-preachy but rather inclusive manner, that will be sure to catch multiple demographics of listeners by surprise! The order of songs will take you on a journey through sound and vibes! listen and enjoy “The Manhood Project”!

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